Anthology Odyssey

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All I’ve done and more
For all I’ve done and more
Kingdom come, war with no score
More is won but no delight
All I’ve done 'neath fading light
Those who go before
These battlefields blood stained no more
A soldier's plight in stories told
Those who leave these fields of old
Will I become another shot?
I wish to be one none forgot
If tomorrow I can't save
A nameless face without a grave
For those who go before
Saved all I’ve done and more
(Dedicated to all who died 100 years before in WW1)
© Copyright R Smith 2015

Water versus fire
One was born of water
Another called from fire
Some would pray while more would say
The truth will claim desire
The water born walked wide and worn
Yet fire brood in ashes
Each to ponder here and yonder
And truth that mankind dashes
And time brought water across the sand
Fire to the valley
To meet and stand on barren land
Such silent truth to carry
Such a battle fire fought
As water fell from sky
Trees would burn and dry ground turn
Still truth was lifted high
Still no one knew and few would speak
Of why and what it meant
Water raised and fire blazed
Then the truth was spent
Then life, it came from water
And fellowship from fire
What was to surface? A common purpose
One truth was their desire
© Copyright R Smith 2015

An age full of silence
The fight and the fury, all battles rage won
A judge with no jury for what has begun
End all this division, this chaos no more
Less blinded decision, a middle class war
In times lacking action, housing yet no homes
Can we light up truth or only our phones?
More than conversation of all that we've done
A great revolution that starts one by one
I feel we're at peace with hurt we ignore
Let murder increase, yet people want more
Maybe change begins with one person's choice
An age full of silence, our people, our voice
© Copyright R Smith 2015